Over the last 18 months IG Elements has steadily invested in its composites manufacturing facility. There has been significant capital expenditure on a further ‘Resin Transfer Moulding’ line, with new extraction booths and new tooling. This has been further supported by a comprehensive, business wide, training programme.

As a result, efficiency levels and lead times have improved, accordingly IG Elements is pleased to advise that it has unlocked extra manufacturing capacity. 

What does this mean for you?

  • 8 Week Lead Time*
  • Faster turnaround for ‘show home’ units
  • Improved quality


Pictured above, left – right: James Ferguson (National Sales Manager), Adele Black (Senior Brand Executive), Pritesh Patel (Office Commercial Manager) and Sean Og Coyle (Commercial Director, Keystone Group).


IG Elements welcomes you to send enquiries or ‘call-offs’ for composite products.

To ‘call off’ product for existing sites with IG Elements, please send the below details to calloff@igelements.com;

  1. Site name
  2. Plot numbers

Requested delivery date (if applicable)

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